Why Is Hiring An Attorney Crucial For My DUI Case?

A DUI conviction is more than just paying fines;  it can result in loss of driving privileges for a substantial amount of time. It can decrease your earning potential and cost you your job and promotions. Required treatment and counseling are very expensive, in addition to the higher cost of insurance for your automobile when you get your license back.

How Can An Attorney Help Me Out In This Scenario?

I had this conversation with a potential client who called me. She felt helpless, like there wasn’t even a chance. I explained to her that she’d given me a couple of ideas about her defense, just in our short conversation on the phone. I was hired and I got the police report and reviewed the evidence.

There are many defenses to a DUI and it is absolutely worth it to have someone fight for you. We look at defenses, challenge the evidence, challenge the officer. In about 95% percent of the cases, I can make a big difference in the outcome for my client. Sometimes the cases are thrown out for some legal technicality, some legal loophole, and in others the DUI is reduced down or the fines are reduced.

Will the Courts Look Upon Me Unfairly if I Hire An Attorney?

No. A lot of people do get worried about that. They think the judge will frown on them if they try to fight the case and ask for a continuance to talk to an attorney. They think they should just go in there and plead guilty, but the opposite is true. The court wants to give you the opportunity to seek out counsel, to make sure that your rights are protected and to make sure that justice is being served.

One of the roles of the judge is to make sure everyone plays by the rules, and on a side note, cases tend to run a little bit more smoothly when a defense attorney is on board. Most of the time the attorneys can focus on the real issues at hand, get those issues resolved, and get the case moving along towards trial or some kind of negotiation rather quickly because they understand the process. They work with the court, they work with the prosecutor. They are familiar with how everything works. Defense attorneys make the court run more smoothly and more efficiently.

What Qualifications I Should Be Looking for In An Attorney for A DUI Case?

One of the main things to look for is experience. How long has the attorney been in practice? How long has he been focused on a particular area of law? Is he one of those guys that does it all? Is he doing bankruptcies? Is the attorney doing divorces and child custody and things like that? Contract cases and maybe wills and trusts?

My philosophy is if you are doing all those different areas of law and  serving people in those different areas, it would be hard to do a good job in all of those areas. There might be some attorneys that can do it but my experience has been that the more you focus one area of the law and receive continued training in that specific area of law and follow the court of appeals decisions and the supreme court’s decisions in that particular area of law, you’re better serving your clients than trying to do it all, because it would be hard to keep up with all of that.

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