Why Are Prescription Medication DUIs More Prevalent Than Alcohol DUIs?

This usually happens because we have a lot of stay-at-home moms who may be taking their medication for any reason, but they would still have to get their kids from the school or they would have to get them to soccer practice or any other activities. The aggravating factor would happen if they had a little accident, like in a case I handled a while ago where the lady could not get to sleep in the evening so at about midnight she took a Xanax or some kind of sleeping aid. It took a couple of hours to kick in, and then her daughter woke her up because they were late for school. The daughter would usually get herself to school, but on this day the daughter came running into the room and told her mother that she had missed the bus. The mother jumped up, got her clothes on and took her daughter to the school, but as they were leaving, she hit another car. The police came to investigate and found that she was still under the influence of the medication.

Are People Not Aware That Driving Under The Influence Of Prescription Drugs Is Illegal?

Yes, because people think they would have to be 0.08 or higher with alcohol or have an illegal controlled substance like marijuana or methamphetamine or something. The third kind of prong of our statute states the person would have to be under the influence of any drug or alcohol that rendered them incapable of safely operating a vehicle, whereas that is not how they prosecute the prescription medication cases.

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