Why Am I Being Charged With Domestic Violence In Utah When My Partner And I Were Equally To Blame For Harming One Another?

If both parties are equally to blame and there are no other witnesses, the prosecutor would have a hard time getting a conviction for both individuals. In testifying against the other party, each party would potentially incriminate themselves. As a result of this, the prosecutor might choose to charge the individual who has a history of domestic violence or substance abuse, perhaps in an attempt to get them the help they need (i.e. therapy or substance abuse treatment).

I Was Arrested On Charges Of Domestic Violence In Utah. What Kind Of Conditions Or Restrictions Will The Court Place On Me, And What Happens If I Violate Them?

At a minimum, a conviction for domestic violence in Utah will mandate a domestic violence assessment. This assessment is done by a therapist or psychologist and is designed to provide a recommended course of therapy or treatment, such as anger management courses. The defendant will have a certain amount of time to complete the recommended treatment, and be placed on probation. If placed on formal probation, they will have to check in with a probation officer once per month and may need to submit to alcohol and drug testing. The defendant may also have to pay a fine and complete community service. In imposing these conditions, it is the goal of the court to make sure that the offender does not commit similar acts in the future.

If the defendant doesn’t comply with the court’s order, then the court can add time to the original sentence for contempt and increase the fines. The consequences of failing to satisfy the many terms and conditions of probation can be very punitive. It’s important for every defendant to have an attorney on their side from the very beginning in order to minimize the risk of noncompliance with court orders and ensure that there is no overreaching by the prosecutor.

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