What Should You Look for When Retaining an Attorney to Defend Against a DUI Charge?

Attorney Nebeker: I have made DUI my work; it is the sole focus of my practice. When someone hires me, they’re not dealing with the attorney that’s doing a bankruptcy for someone else, doing a divorce for another person and drafting a will. I’m very focused on DUI defense.

Not Only a Case Number: Look for an Attorney That Works with You Directly and Is Available to Answer Your Questions and Concerns

For that reason, I have a lot of experience in defending DUIs. Also, I’m a solo practitioner. I’m not going to farm the case out to another attorney or an associate. When a client hires me, they’re working with me directly. When they want to talk about their case, I usually am easy to get a hold of.

They can schedule an appointment to come with me, I am easily accessible. I’ll meet with them after hours. I really do whatever they need to try to help them get through this case.

I realize that people with the Internet have a great deal of information out there about what they can expect at court, what the fines are going to be, and what maybe some of the jail time is. But I have years of experience and I know what to expect. For example, I’ve been in front of this judge before, I know what to expect and I know what he expects. I’ve dealt with this prosecutor; I know what things they’re looking for in a case.

That’s not something a person can get off the Internet. When someone hires me, they benefit from those years of experience in dealing with the prosecutors, dealing with the judges and the driver’s license division.

Interviewer: I’ll tell you one of the best things that you have going for you, which conversely, is that you were arrested for DUI, so you’ve literally been there. You’ve gone through the entire emotional trauma as well as the legal aspect. I would say that’s one of your best assets. You really can say, “I understand, at least in some part, what you’re going through because it happened to me.”

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