What Are The Effects Of A DUI License Suspension?

How Does The Point System Work In Utah In Conjunction With The DUI?

There is really no point system in conjunction with the DUI. That’s the whole purpose of the administrative hearing. It is a mandatory hearing where evidence is presented and arguments are made. Whereas, in the point system, you can get up to a couple of hundred points for speeding and traffic violations and then your license will be suspended.

In other cases, you’ll go and meet with a hearing officer and they will make some determination but on a DUI, you don’t start out with any points, it’s either you have the hearing and you win or you lose and that’s it. There is no point as far as it goes with the DUI.

Therefore, when you get a DUI, there’d be no points added to your overall points that you may have had for a speeding ticket or a stop sign or something similar.

If Someone Is Charged With DUI, How Will It Affect Their Commercial License And Their Livelihood?

It may or may not affect their driver’s license, so it depends.

If someone has a commercial driver’s license but they are driving around in their personal vehicle and they get a DUI, they have to go through the administrative process; send in the notice and request for the hearing, go to the hearing and see if they prevail or not.

If they don’t prevail, their normal license on a first offense will be suspended for 120 days and even though they were not in a commercial vehicle, their commercial license will be suspended for one year whether they were in a commercial vehicle or not.

If they are in the commercial vehicle, and they are pulled over for suspicion of DUI and were investigated, the difference there is the level which they have in their system. So, instead of being at 0.08 in the blood, breath or urine, it drops down to a 0.04.

So if they are in a commercial vehicle, at the level of 0.04, the same sanctions would apply, their license would be suspended for one year on a first offense. If it was a first offense and they were carrying hazardous materials, it would be 3 years. A second DUI offense in Utah with the commercial license, whether you’re driving commercial vehicle or not, is a lifetime disqualification.

So, a second DUI offense with a commercial license will pretty much end your driving career and your livelihood when it comes to driving commercial vehicles.

So if your livelihood depends on driving the commercial vehicles and you’re supporting your family and that’s one of the only skills that you have and are good at, then you’re definitely going to want to spend the money to get a highly trained DUI attorney.

What Are Hardship Or Work License Referred To As In Utah?

There is no such thing as Hardship License or Conditional License in Utah.

If your license is suspended, you cannot get any kind of temporary to and from work, or to and from school, or any kind of license on a DUI suspension, which is tough. If you’re a single parent and it’s your second offense and you’d lose your license for 2 years and you have young kids and responsibility, it makes it almost impossible to not drive with a suspended license. That is seen a lot.

People get caught up in this vicious cycle where they get their license suspended for 2 years but they still have to live their life, they still have to get to work, get the kids to school or get the kids to the doctor and they end up getting pulled over and getting a citation which can cost them money, possibly cost them to go to jail but it can extend the license suspension period also. It can get really bad.

How Can People Get By On A Suspended License In Utah?

In Utah, you don’t have a really good transportation system, so you got to rely on your friends and family the best you can but in most cases, the people just drive anyways. They transfer ownership of their cars to their family members names so when the plates get run, it doesn’t pull them up and they still drive. They don’t have a choice.

However, that is not recommended or advised that anyone to do that because it’s a violation of the law.

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