What Are Some Other Impacts Of A DUI Conviction?

Could A DUI Conviction Affect An Immigrant Or Someone In The US On A Worker Student Visa?

If there is someone who’s working on becoming a naturalized citizen, a DUI conviction can lead to a denial. The person will basically not be allowed to become a US citizen for 5 years after the DUI case is finished. It definitely can have an immigration issue if you’re trying to finish your citizenship, or it could possibly result in a deportation if you’re not a US citizen.

If you’re in the US on a green card, sometimes the renewal of the work visa becomes difficult. You could be detained by immigration and sent back to your original country because of passport or green card issues. A DUI conviction and becoming involved in the system can have horrible consequences on remaining in the country and trying to stay in the country. Therefore, it’s very important that you work through those issues and get both a DUI attorney and an immigration attorney to ensure that your rights are protected.

What Additional Consequences Will A Habitual Or Repeat DUI Offender Face In Utah?

If there is a first conviction, that’s going to stay on the record for 10 years. If during that 10-year period, the driver gets another one, then that would be considered a second offense. If they get a third offense in that 10-year period, then that becomes a felony and the felony is a 0 to 5 years in the Utah state prison. That’s how it’s enhanced as far as jail time.

For a second offense the minimal is 10 days; on a felony, the minimal is 62 days but it can be up to 5 years. With each one of those, the fines go up and can be up to $5,000 in the case of a felony. The supervision requirements get more intense from supervised probation to possibly incarceration. Supervised probation is where you have a probation officer checking on you every month, visiting your house, possibly visiting your work and talking with your boss. In such cases, the treatment aspect goes up.

If the court sees you keep having these repeat offenses for drug and alcohol, then they’re going to order more intense treatment each time. That could even be inpatient treatment which is very expensive if your insurance is not covering it. Basically everything you can think of as it relates to a DUI increases with the additional habitual charges.

What If Someone Wants To Plead Guilty And Get Over With The Case As Soon As Possible?

Most of the time, when an attorney tells the person about the possible consequences, it can be overwhelming for them. The person may feel that the attorney is trying to scare them into hiring him. Most attorneys offer a free consultation that can take up to an hour. The attorney will have them come in and they’ve built charts and graphs of the costs, the enhance-able nature, the long-term consequences and other things.

The attorney will sit down and try to give them as much information as he can to let them know how serious this is. A lot of people really don’t get it and they don’t see all of the collateral consequences. One of their biggest fears is, “Am I going to jail?” That’s usually the number one. The second is, “Am I going to lose my driver’s license?”

In the long term, there are more and greater consequences than just losing your license, and even that is not trivial. When you look at all of these long term potential things that can happen, a lot more consideration needs to be put into whether you should just go in and plead guilty or not and that’s what a good attorney will try to do in the first consultation.

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