What Are Other Secondary Consequences Of A DUI In Utah?

How Can Someone’s Ability To Travel Internationally Be Impacted By A DUI Conviction?

A DUI conviction can particularly affect someone’s ability to travel to Canada. A person will be stopped at the border, their criminal record will be pulled up and even a minor criminal offense such as a DUI on a first or second offense, will prevent that person from entering Canada. The offender can apply for a special permit to enter the country which can cost around $1,500. However, any country can refuse entry to someone with even a minimal criminal record.

Does A DUI Conviction Affect Your Personal Life As Well As Your Business?

If you travel out of the country for business, a DUI conviction can cause you to lose your job because your passport could be affected. If you don’t have a driver’s license, and you need to renew your passport, you can’t get it renewed because your driver’s license was taken away. There are a variety of complications having a DUI conviction on your record can have on traveling internationally.

What Might Be Some Other Security Clearances That Could Be Affected By A DUI Conviction?

There are a lot of military bases in Utah, including Hill Air Force Base, Tooele Army Depot etc. A number of people have security clearance to get on the base and to work on aircraft. The technology of the computers, the weapon systems with those aircrafts, all require security clearance.

Many people charged with a DUI are afraid and may tell their attorney, “I’m going to lose my security clearance if I have a DUI conviction.” In those kinds of cases, people that are reviewing the security clearances are going to see how long ago it happened, and what steps are being taken to overcome the drug or alcohol problem.

Most air force bases have their own training and counseling of drug rehabilitation programs that they make the people get into before they even let them back on the base many times. They’re also going to look at how their life is after a period of time. Was it just a one-time thing or was it a pattern of conduct with drugs and alcohol? If you have a job or you need to go somewhere where your security clearance might be affected, a DUI conviction can definitely cause problems with that.

Would Someone’s Ability To Rent A Vehicle After A DUI Conviction Be Affected?

Renting a vehicle after a DUI conviction can be a problem for a lot of people who may have to make business trips, such as a salesman. If he has to rent vehicles when traveling for work, he may be worried about the ability to rent a vehicle with no driver’s license or a DUI conviction on his record.

Most vehicle rental agencies do check your driving record and are going to look back 2 to 4 years. If they see a conviction or multiple convictions for drugs or alcohol, even if you do have a license, they could deny you the use of one of their vehicles for that conviction. That never used to be a problem, but with the technology now, everyone can see everything instantaneously.

Can A DUI Conviction Have An Effect On Someone’s Custody Arrangement Or Custody Rights?

If someone is going through a divorce or separation and one spouse is involved in a DUI that can affect the custody arrangement. The ex-spouse can take the matter to court. They can argue that the other partner doesn’t have the ability to safely care for those children, and it’s not in the children’s best interest to leave custody with that parent.

The judge can switch custody on a temporary basis in such cases until that parent demonstrates that they went a significant period of time with no drug and alcohol convictions. That parent has to prove that they tested clean and have gotten into counseling. In most cases, that parent can lose custody for as long as two years. A DUI can definitely have an impact on child custody.

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