What About Low Cost DUI Lawyers? How Can a Lawyer Even Afford That?

“Low cost” would be an attorney that does a DUI for less than a $1,000. There are a lot of attorneys like this out there and they are the ones that are doing bankruptcy, doing divorces, doing wills and trusts. They are like a machine; they want to get you in, get you out – and so they are doing a bunch of different things and they are doing it for low cost. That’s how I define a low cost attorney.

How they do it is they are not digging deep into the case. They are not pulling all of the information and looking at all the evidence and getting a second opinion from experts on certain crucial areas of evidenceIt takes time and money to really dig into a case, to pull the officers’ training records, to pull the maintenance on the intoxilyzer machines or to get the raw data. Those low cost attorneys just call it from the lab that analyzed the blood, and they are not taking those extra steps.

Is It Worth Spending A Lot of Money To Retain A DUI Defense Lawyer?

In the long run it is ultimately worth the money, even if you have to take out a loan, or borrow it from friends or family or put it on your credit card. The reason why is because that high priced attorney going to do those things that the low cost attorneys don’t. He is going to request the police officer’s records; he is going to get the information from the lab. He is going to consult with experts about certain issues of evidence and do everything he can to try and get you the best possible outcome.

With that best possible outcome, you can save a lot in the long run like treatment, classes, loss of earning, auto insurance, court fines, loss of driver’s license and the cost of alternate means of transportation in the meantime. If you look at it from the financial point of view, hiring a highly trained DUI attorney is going to save you thousands, tens of thousands of dollars, because of their ability to get the case thrown out or to get it reduced down and save the long term costs.

How Does A DUI Defense Attorney Use Their Time on a DUI Case?

In most of cases, my time is spent reviewing a video. Nowadays there is either a dash cam video or a uniform video, a little camera right on the officer’s uniform. A DUI investigation can sometimes take up to an hour or more just out in the field with the person doing the field sobriety test. For a typical case I get the DUI report, I review it, I build a timeline of what happened at what times and I am looking to make sure everything flows in that area as far as when the field sobriety tests were given, when did they check the driver’s mouth, when did the other officer arrive on the scene and things like that.

I am looking at the video, looking for the little details; if the officer puts in the DUI report that the driver stepped off line or raised their arms more than six inches or did an improper turn or put their foot down. I am trying to find that in the video or in some cases, I do not have video. I review everything and take notes and make sure that the story of the DUI report makes sense. Could it really happen this way? Was it a good area? Was there an accident? Sometimes I go and visit the place where the DUI investigation took place, because the officer will put in their report there was a clear flat level surface and I want to verify if the description is accurate.

A DUI Defense Attorney Examines All The Evidence Thoroughly To Discover a Viable Defense

Sometimes when you go out there and visit the actual site where it took place and you can see it that it didn’t happen the way the report said. It was on a hill, or a freeway off ramp or on ramp and it was not free of debris, or it was not asphalt. Most of the lawyer’s time is spent doing an investigation to see if they can put together the pieces of this puzzle and see if there are missing pieces. Getting prepared, getting ready to question the officer about taking notes and saying, “Well this does not make sense to me – what happened here, can you explain this?”

Most of the time spent on DUI cases is on preparing the defense, sending off requests to the lab and requests to the police officer’s training to get their background records, and reviewing their records. They require a lot of court time also. So you have to get prepared for court; you don’t want to go to court not prepared and have the judge frown upon you for wasting court time because you are not prepared.

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