The Importance of Fighting Criminal Charges If You Have An Occupational License

Licensed practitioners facing a criminal charge are protected by attorney Matthew Nebeker. Hard working professionals charged with misconduct could face significant losses in their employment, income, well-being and the ability to support their families. Matthew is aware of the impact that criminal charges could have on the lives of certified occupational practitioners and will provide sound legal advice to address cases of misconduct.

Professional Occupational License Defense

To determine the best route of defense against a charge of occupational misconduct, seek the services attorney Matthew Nebeker to assist you in protecting your rights. Individuals like nurses, realtors, therapists, contractors, commercial drivers, general practitioners and anyone else who must have an occupational license can lose their livelihoods upon receiving a criminal charge. If you possess an occupational license it is important to fight such charges. The penalties issued against occupational professionals could cause loss of employment and an inability to seek similar or higher positions in the future. Misconduct charges are a major offense and with the assistance of an expert attorney, the entire case is evaluated to help salvage a professional reputation and future career.

Professional Occupational Misconduct In Utah

All occupational practitioners are required to answer to their licensing board when criminally charged. In many cases, the sanctions issued by the board are harsher than those issued by the court. If you are facing a disciplinary action with the Utah DOPL or Division of Occupational and Professional Licensing, an expert attorney must be consulted. Whether facing suspension, revocation or a disciplinary hearing, it is important to find professional legal counsel. Issues surrounding the charges are carefully examined and recommendations are provided for an effective defense. The role of the DOPL in Utah is to investigate all claims of misconduct against certified occupational practitioners. A case evaluation that is followed by disciplinary action involves severe penalties.

The revocation of license, hefty fines, and suspension are among the possible outcomes. Even if you are issued a warning from the DOPL, it will remain in your records. Such citations could easily jeopardize future career and employment opportunities. It hinders your professional capacity and can affect your reputation with your professional peers. Any form of the criminal charge made against an occupational professional must be carefully assessed by attorneys who specialize in this area. Do not fail to seek legal counsel before facing the board. It is better to prevent such charges from having a permanent mark on your records than attempt to fight it later.

The Role Of An Occupational Defense Attorney

Your defense attorney assists in negotiations between clients and the DOPL. To strengthen individual cases and protect occupational rights, your attorney will thoroughly investigate all allegations. Attorneys in Utah aim to negotiate the charges that are filed against practitioners.

The legal system fully assesses the claims made by all parties involved. Many occupational professionals are able to continue their practice and avoid the revocation of their license. A significant criminal charge made against a certified occupational practitioner can have serious implications, from loss of licensing to loss of reputation and compromised future employment. Avoid the harsh and often, unnecessary board penalties issued by the DOPL with reliance on the expertise of skilled and knowledgeable occupational defense attorney like Matthew Nebeker.

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