Should I Wait Until The Courts Fully Reopen Before Hiring A Criminal Defense Attorney?

Since so many cases are being pushed off right now, the courts are going to be incredibly busy once they do fully reopen. If someone waits to hire an attorney until the courts reopen, they might have a difficult time finding someone to represent them. Hiring an attorney right now (while things are a bit slower) might carry the added benefit of a better retainer fee. In addition, the attorney may have more time to spend on the investigation of the case. Someone who takes advantage of what is currently happening is likely to end up with a better outcome, and it may even be possible to achieve resolution in a case outside of court during the COVID-19 crisis.

I Was Charged With Domestic Violence In Utah, But I Heard That The Prosecutor Might Decide Not To Proceed With The Case; Is This Possible, And If So, Why Would They Drop The Case?

If the prosecutor determines that there is not enough evidence to support a conviction, then they will likely dismiss the case. In many domestic violence cases, there are no witnesses, video footage, or other forms of concrete evidence; there is only the opposing testimonies of the parties involved. If this is the case, the prosecutor may realize that they don’t have enough evidence to present to a judge or jury, and may decide to drop the case early on in the process.

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