Should I take the Breathalyzer If I Am Stopped For A DUI?


Salt Lake City DUI Attorney Video #10:

Should I take the Breathalyzer If I Am Stopped For A DUI?

In this video, Attorney Matthew Nebeker, a DUI Defense Lawyer in Salt Lake City, discusses if you should take the breathalyzer.

If the officer requests you to submit to a breath test — and this is out in the field, a portable breath test — I would not submit to it. I would politely and kindly tell the officer that you don’t believe in the accuracy of that test, however you would gladly submit to a chemical test. The officer will know what that means. A chemical test is a test given with an intoxilyzer machine, a urine test, or a blood test. Absolutely tell him you’ll submit to a chemical test.

If you’ve been charged with a DUI, time is of the essence. You need to call an attorney who’s experienced, who has been through what you’re going through, and that person is me — Matt Nebeker, Mr. DUI.

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