Should I submit to the Chemical Test?


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Should I submit to the Chemical Test?

In this video, Attorney Matthew Nebeker, a DUI Defense Lawyer in Salt Lake City, discusses if you should submit to the chemical test.

A question that I’ve been getting a lot lately is “should I have submitted to the chemical test?”

First, I want to clarify what a chemical test is. Usually the chemical test is the test given by the police officer that occurs at the police station or at the jail. It’s usually a test where they sample your breath, your blood, or your urine. When I talk to most people about this issue they feel horrible about what’s just happened to them. They’re not sure if they should have cooperated with the officer and submitted to the chemical test.

The thing is, a refusal to submit the chemical test can result up to an 18 month suspension of their driver’s license. I always suggest submitting to the chemical test, avoiding the additional risk on the driver’s license suspension. Here’s why;

  • Most likely, the officer is going to go get a warrant from the court and they’re going to come and take your blood, breath, or urine if they can.
  • Then, they will have the evidence they need anyways and you’ll be stuck dealing with additional time on your driver’s license suspension for the refusal.

So, I say submit to the chemical test and let a trained DUI attorney deal with the test results.

I have the experience and the training to answer all these questions. So give me a call, I offer a free consultation and I will help you through this process. I’ve been through it myself personally, I know what you’re going through, so we will talk to you soon.

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