Should I have an attorney for my Driver’s License Hearing?


Salt Lake City DUI Attorney Video #24:

Should I have an attorney for my Driver’s License Hearing?

In this video, Attorney Matthew Nebeker, a DUI Defense Lawyer in Salt Lake City, discusses if you should have an attorney for your driver’s license hearing.

The first question that I ask a person that calls me about a DUI is “when did it happen and have you requested your driver’s license hearing yet?”

On Numerous occasions I’ve had people tell me that they’ve talked o other people and those other people have told them “don’t worry about the driver’s license hearing” or “go do the driver’s license hearing yourself, you don’t need an attorney for that.”

My response to that is that is bad advice.

DLD (Driver License Division) hearings are usually the first opportunity to question the officer under oath while being recorded. There’s a great opportunity to save the license and gather information about potential defenses to the case. But you need a trained DUI attorney to ask the right questions of the officer to start your defense.

I have the experience and the training to answer all these questions. So give me a call, I offer a FREE consultation and I will help you through this process. I’ve been through it myself personally, I know what you’re going through, so we will talk to you soon.

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