Should I contact a DUI Attorney before my first court appearance?


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Should I contact a DUI Attorney before my First Court Appearance?

In this video, Attorney Matthew Nebeker, a DUI Defense Lawyer in Salt Lake City, discusses if your should contact a DUI Attorney before your first court appearance.

I’ve had numerous people come to me after having met with the presecuting attorney on their own, they did not have a good experience. Most of the time at court, prosecutors are very busy, they’re meeting with multiple defense attorneys reviewing files and entertaining the judges questions all at the same time.

What I’m getting at here is they do not have a lot of time to listen to the finer points, finer details of the clients defense and they can get a little frustrated with them sometimes. I had a case where a young lady met with the prosecutor and for whatever reason, things did not go well. The prosecutor actually told her to go hire an attorney because he was so frustrated with her. Well, that young lady contacted me, I was able to contact the prosecutor and explained to him what the client couldn’t do in the first place in a way that the prosecutor understood and ultimately we’ve obtained a dismissal on that case.

If you have an upcoming case at the Salt Lake City Justice Court, please do not hesitate to contact me to discuss your case. It could really make a difference at the outcome of your case.

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