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Underage DUI

In an effort to decrease incidents of drunk driving, Utah has enacted tough new laws that impose severe penalties on drivers under age 21 and drivers under age 18 who are found guilty of driving under the influence (DUI).


New license penalties imposed by statute for drivers who are under 21 years of age include:

  • First DUI: 120 day suspension or until age 21 (whichever is longer)
  • Second DUI: 24 month suspension or until age 21 (whichever is longer)
  • Refusal to test: 18 month suspension or until age 21 (whichever is longer)
  • Refusal to test with alcohol priors: 36 month suspension or until age 21 (whichever is longer)

There is No Alcohol Limit for Underage Drivers

In the state of Utah, drivers 21 years of age or older may be convicted of a DUI if they have a .08 blood alcohol content (BAC), or if they are unable to safely operate a motor vehicle as a result of alcohol, drugs, or the combination of the two.

For drivers under 21, however, the rules are different. BAC of .08 is not required for an arrest. In addition, any individual under the age of 21 may be arrested for underage consumption or possession of alcohol.

Ignition Interlock Device Requirement

An ignition interlock device is a small machine that is similar to a breath test. It is installed in certain vehicles of drivers who have been convicted of a DUI. The ignition interlock device prevents the vehicle from starting if the driver’s breath tests positive for the presence of alcohol.

Pursuant to new laws recently enacted in Utah, any driver under the age of 21 who is convicted of a DUI must have an ignition interlock system installed in their vehicle for a period of three years.

Court Discretion

Judges in Utah have the ability to decrease the duration of your driver’s license suspension if you were under age 21 at the time of the DUI offense and you complete an educational/substance abuse program that is approved.

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