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When people think of DUI cases, issues involving illegal drugs or alcohol often come to mind. However you can also be arrested for DUI when you are taking prescribed medications. This may seem somewhat silly, after all you are taking what is legally prescribed to you by a doctor, but a prescription drug DUI charge is serious. Do not gamble on your future by taking these charges lightly. Make sure that you receive thorough representation from an experiencedattorney-handshake attorney.

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Many people fail to pay attention to prescription drug warnings about operating vehicles while taking those drugs. They are then surprised to learn that they can be arrested for DUI due to their prescription drug use. The issue is not the legality of the drug, but whether the effects of the drug impaired your normal faculties. As an experienced Salt Lake City DUI defense attorney, I, Matthew L. Nebeker, have the experience and knowledge to mount a strong defense on your behalf if you are facing these charges.

I will vigorously defend your rights, and I will question whether the police had the right to stop you in the first place and whether they properly gathered their evidence. I have gone through the same training the police take to conduct field sobriety tests. This insight gives me the knowledge, which other lawyers do not have, to attack police findings. I invest myself fully in your case, providing free representation at DUI license suspension hearings if retained within 10 days of your charges, and I will provide free DUI expungement representation if you are convicted at trial.

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