Salt Lake City DUI License Suspension Hearings

DUI License Suspension Hearings

If you have been arrested for DUI, you have just 10 days to request a hearing to challenge the automatic suspension of your driver’s license. Pursuant to new DUI laws in Utah, the period of license suspension for a first DUI is 120 days.

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If we prevail at the hearing, I will help them get their Impound Fee back.

What You Should Know?

The license suspension hearing is important. It is your attorneys first chance to review the prosecution’s evidence. The hearing is not a formal trial. However, the license suspension hearing may present a forum where your defense attorney can question the police officer about the basis for your vehicle stop and your arrest.

DUI License Suspensions in Salt Lake City, Utah

To create a strong deterrent to drinking and driving, Utah has some of the most severe penalties in the nation for driving under the influence. If you are found to be impaired as a result of alcohol, drugs, or a combination of the two, you face serious criminal and civil penalties.

Pursuant to new DUI laws that recently went into effect, the duration of DUI license suspensions has increased significantly. For drivers 21 or older, the new laws call for the following license suspensions:

  • First DUI: 120 days
  • Second DUI: 24 months
  • Test refusal (with certain alcohol related prior convictions): 36 months

Strict license penalties apply for underage drivers as well. The following license suspensions apply to drivers under 21:

  • First DUI: 120 days or until you reach 21 (whichever is longer)
  • Second DUI: 24 months or until you reach 21 (whichever is longer)

License Suspension Without Conviction:

Did you know that your Utah Drivers License can be suspended for up to 2 years, without having been convicted of DUI! On top of that, the Hearing Officers at the DLD, that are making the decision to suspend, are not lawyers or law trained!

Currently, in Northern Utah, one of the DLD Hearing Officers is married to a Utah Highway Patrol Trooper. How would you like her to make the decision on your case?

It takes a lot of hard work to correct the mistakes made by these untrained and bias Hearing Officers. Recently, two of my clients have been restored their driving privilege through the appeal process. As a result they were able to keep their jobs and continue to support their families.

I will fight just as hard for you and your license as I do all of my clients.


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