Salt Lake City DUI & Drug Allegations involving Child and Family Services

DUI and Child Protective Services (CPS) Attorney

If you have been charged and arrested with a DUI and have children present in your vehicle, an investigation by Utah’s Division of Child and Family Services (DCFS) is sometimes triggered. This may have numerous consequences on your life and family, including the threat of losing your children. Do not take DCFS investigations lightly. An experienced DUI lawyer can protect your rights and work to help keep your family

Diligent Defense of DUI Cases Involving DCFS

Defending yourself against allegations of DUI is complicated and stressful enough. Add to that the numerous deadlines imposed by a DCFS investigation and the stress can be overwhelming. As an experienced Salt Lake City, Utah, DUI defense lawyer, I, Matthew L. Nebeker, can provide you with seasoned representation in all areas of your case and work to achieve a favorable outcome.

I can challenge the circumstances of your DUI arrest, from the administration of the field sobriety test to the gathering of evidence, to show that DCFS should not have been involved in the first place.

Many DUI arrests do not occur because of alcohol or illegal drug abuse, but are often brought on by the taking of legally prescribed drugs. As a busy parent, you may not simply have the time to consider the warnings about driving a vehicle while on prescription medication. Whatever your circumstances, I have the skill and knowledge to defend you.

Developing a Plan to Keep Your Family Intact

My defense against your charges goes beyond challenging the circumstances of your traffic stop. Things quickly become more complicated when DCFS becomes involved. If you are in danger of losing custody of your children, I will work with you to find a provider who can help you work on a treatment plan to help you get your children back. I will also work with DCFS caseworkers to show them the progress you are making. Do not take your chances on the system. Hire a skilled attorney to protect your rights and your family.

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