Raw Video: DUI Suspect Seems to Celebrate After Slamming Car into Home in High-Speed Chase

Attorney Matt Nebeker’s comments on a news item in www.Fox13Now.com about a DUI suspect who appears to celebrate after slamming a parked car.

It looks like the Orem Police had their hands full with the guy. A hit and run then crashing into a truck parked in a residential neighborhood. Thank goodness no one was hurt. I am sure this driver will be charged with a least one felony for failure to stop at the command of a police officer. If he is charged with DUI it will most likely be a Class B misdemeanor, unless he has two or more prior convictions with in the last ten years, then it will be a third degree felony.

Because of the pursuit I do not believe that the officers were able to administer and of the Standard Field Sobriety tests, but they certainly had probable case to arrest him on the other offenses. This guy knows he is in a lot of trouble and that if he submits to a chemical test, like a blood draw, it is only going to incriminate him more. If he refuses to submit to a blood draw then the officers will likely get a warrant to take his blood with force if necessary. Well trained DUI Attorneys like blood draw cases because there are so many ways to attack the test results. The main focus of the defense on this case will be on getting the felonies reduce to misdemeanors to  avoid the possibility of prison time.

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