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In an instant, life can change dramatically. Every day, all across America, good people find themselves in bad situations.

You’ve had a stressful day and then a simple disagreement at a retail store escalates, words get a little loud, police are called, and… in an instant you’ve earned yourself a disorderly conduct misdemeanor for disturbing the peace.

It’s Friday, you go into work in a good mood only to discover that today is the day the company has decided to lay you off, then you go home and find that your irresponsible roommate has left the door open, again, and your dog is now lost, your awful day just got worse. You toss a chair over or throw a dirty pot into the sink. Later, you’re not proud that you lost your temper and regret it, but if your roommate felt threatened… in an instant you could have just gotten yourself an assault or battery charge if they decided to file a complaint.

Your softball team just brought home the regional trophy, definitely a time to celebrate, but you decide to drive home after just three beers, no big deal, you’re fine. But three beers, depending on how much you ate or how quickly you drank them or your body weight, etc., could put you over the legal limit and… in an instant you’ve gotten a DUI.

Those are just three quick examples out of the million ways a good person under stress, or through a moment of carelessness, could find themselves charged or arrested. If you ever find yourself in a bad situation, having been charged or arrested, you need to take immediate action. You need to hire a skilled, experienced criminal defense attorney.

Many laws regarding misdemeanors, and certainly felonies, are quite strict in Nevada and offer very little wiggle room. You need a criminal defense attorney who has a profound knowledge of the law, the legal system, and the many angles that prosecutors pursue to get a conviction. You need Matthew L. Nebeker, Attorney at Law.

Criminal Defense Attorney in Nevada | DUI Attorney in Nevada | Matthew L. Nebeker

Matthew L. Nebeker is a combat veteran, having served his country honorably during the Gulf War as a member of the US Army’s First Armored Division. As a distinguished veteran, Matthew appreciates the values of honor and commitment he gained while serving, and today he brings those values to the clients of Matthew L. Nebeker, Attorney at Law. Service, commitment, and honor—when you work with Attorney Nebeker as your criminal defense attorney you get the best he has to give, no matter how big or small your case. In Nevada, Matthew is the attorney people turn to when it matters.

While Attorney Nebeker is skilled in many areas of criminal defense and regularly handles marijuana and other drug charges, domestic violence, probate violations, expungement, motions, etc., he has absolutely earned a distinct reputation as the attorney you must turn to when you are staring at a DUI charge and wondering what’s next. Matthew L. Nebeker is your DUI attorney in Nevada.

The DUI Attorney in Nevada Who Never Stops Working for You!

Attorney Nebeker and the team at Matthew L. Nebeker, Attorney at Law never slow down. They work fast and furiously in an effort to get your case dismissed, but if that is not feasible, they will work nonstop to build a formidable defense for you that will deliver the best outcome possible. Work with the criminal defense attorney in Nevada who people recommend—Matthew L. Nebeker, Attorney at Law.

Our skilled team will investigate every detail of your charge or arrest and carefully dismantle every piece of state’s evidence that we can, as much as we can. Here are some of the areas that we specialize in: DUI/DWI, DUI Alcohol and Drugs, DUI Breath Test and/or Breathalyzer, DUI FST’s List of Evidentiary Test and Road Tests, DUI Blood Test, DUI Implied Consent, DUI Underage / Minor DUI, DUI Metabolite, DUI Out of State Drivers, and DUI DLD Hearing.

We dig deeper and we get results. We are experts in criminal defense/DUI defense. When you, a loved one, or friend is facing a potentially life-changing DUI offense and has been charged or arrested, call us; we can help. Call Matthew L. Nebeker, Attorney at Law today.

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