Impact Of A DUI Conviction on Certain Careers Or Education

What Other Careers Or Professions, Such As The Health Field Or Police Officers Or Military, Might Be Affected By A DUI Conviction?

There are a lot of military people in Utah and they do get involved in DUI cases. Most of them are on active duty, air force or army, and if they have a DUI conviction on their record, they are going to be demoted one grade. If they’re an E5 or E6, they’re going to go down to an E4 or E5 and that’s quite a bit.

In other cases, if someone in the air force joined not long ago, they’ve just been a year or two and they have a DUI conviction, the air force can almost force them out. They basically tell them, “We don’t want to deal with you”. There have been many such cases, where they come and meet an attorney saying, “The Air force pushed me out because of this DUI. Is there anything that you can do for me?” That’s when the attorney starts talking about appeals and other options.

Then there are the issues with professional licensing. When a DUI conviction goes to the DOPL (Department of Professional Licensing), professionals including hairdressers, nail technicians, and others may receive information from DOPL asking, “Do you have a drug or alcohol problem?”, or, “We want you to explain this.” At times, they can be put on probation.

There have been nurses that have had problems with alcohol, not necessarily DUI but public intoxication and then a DUI. In these cases, the Department of Professional Licensing is going to make them explain what’s going on. Sometimes they’ll put their license on probation where they have to do testing just for DOPL.

If it’s a police officer, they have to answer to the post police officer’s training. There are not many people whose jobs are not affected by a DUI but if you have some kind of professional license where you have to get that through the state, you’re probably going to be hearing from your licensing agency and may run into further problems.

Are There Certain Colleges Or Scholarships That Can Be Affected By Having A DUI Conviction?

Colleges can deny scholarships or deny acceptance to a program based on someone’s criminal record. You can even be denied admission into the college. Most colleges will ask you on the application form if you’ve had any record or criminal history. People tend to be honest, and just that disclosure can cause a denial of acceptance or a revocation of a scholarship.

If people don’t fully disclose that information and the school finds out, they may be in the middle of a program, such as a nursing program, it can affect them. Sometimes, people just start looking for internships while in the program. Many employers will sometimes run a background check and see a prior conviction. They can disclose it to the school as a violation of the honor code. So, a DUI conviction can really affect your education or getting that first internship when you’re trying to get out and get some experience.

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