If I Already Have a Prior DUI, Is It Worth It To Hire An Attorney?

Yes. If it is not the first offense, it’s a second or a third offense, then it is even more important to get an attorney because the stakes are higher. If the DUI is enhanced, which it can be, that means there are additional fines, additional penalties, additional costs associated with it. The price is actually higher for a second offense. The more DUI’s you get, typically the more penalties, the more fines, and stiffer sanctions meaning jail time. So that is a stronger reason to hire the DUI defense attorney because there is so much at stake.

I Have Friends That Have Gone Through this Process; If I Repeat What They Did, Can I Get The Same Result?

I do get that question a lot. They say, my friend had a DUI and his or her case got reduced down or it got thrown out, and that may very well be the situation. Each case is so different, each law enforcing jurisdiction, each city jurisdiction or county location is so different, that it would be too hard to say that your case is going to turn out just like your friend’s or co-worker’s. There could be a higher blood alcohol level, there could be a prosecution that’s a lot stronger, different skill level of the officer doing the investigation. There are just too many variables.

What Are Things that I Should Ask an Attorney?

A lot of clients ask me about my education. How long I have been in this particular area of law and my success rate and things like that. That’s what people should be asking as they are trying to build a rapport with the attorney. They are trying to get to know them better and they should not be afraid to ask those questions. Almost all of them say, “I want this case dismissed and I don’t want to lose my license.” That’s what we shoot for in every case but that doesn’t always happen. So I try to find out what is most important to them. Is it avoiding jail? Is it not losing their license? They should not feel bad about disclosing any kind of background that they have, maybe something from out of state that might come up unexpectedly. That is important for me when I am speaking with a potential client.

A prosecutor could uncover health conditions. Do they have any sort of problems with their eyes? Problems with their back or their legs, knees, ankles? Be prepared to discuss and come forward with any medical conditions. A lot of people have dentures and partial dentures and stuff like that. They just need to deal with this, speak freely and disclose that information and information about what they were doing before they got pulled over. Were they at a party, how much they had really thought they had had to drink, or if they think someone put something in their drink, just all aspects about their case that might help me defend them.

Does a High Priced Attorney Work Harder On My DUI Case?

Higher-priced attorneys typically take fewer cases, and that means they can devote more time to each individual client’s case. The more expensive attorneys  go through more training, and because they are not doing divorces and wills and bankruptcies on top of their DUI practice, they can spend a lot of time reviewing the reports, reviewing the videos, reviewing the analysis from the lab. I definitely believe that going with more an expensive and experienced attorney is worth it because they are definitely going to spend more time on your case. They are going to dig into it deeper and ultimately I believe give you a better outcome.

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