I Was Arrested For Domestic Violence Against My Spouse In Utah, And Since Being In Jail, She’s Tried To Contact Me To Work Things Out; Am I Allowed To Speak With Her?

In most domestic violence cases, a no-contact order is automatically put into place once the alleged aggressor is booked into jail, which means there can be no contact between the alleged aggressor and the alleged victim. This is done in order to protect the alleged victim from any further trauma, as well as prevent the possibility of the alleged aggressor influencing the alleged victim’s story in order to affect the outcome of the case.

A defendant in a domestic violence case will be brought before a judge or magistrate within 48 hours of their arrest, at which time the defense attorney should clarify whether there is a no-contact order in place and whether any other actions are prohibited. I would definitely advise against any contact with the alleged victim until these matters have been discussed and confirmed with a judge.

When Utah Police Were Called To My Home, Only I Was Arrested On The Spot; How Do They Determine Who The Aggressor Really Was?

In an attempt to identify the aggressor in a domestic violence situation, the police will interview the parties involved, take witness statements, and look for physical injuries, such as bruising, swelling, or scratch marks. Based on the totality of the information they gather and their best judgment, they will make a decision.

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