How Is the Underage Driver Treated in Juvenile Court?

Now, the judges in the juvenile court, they still have to impose the same type of sanctions, but they understand and are little more forgiving with the amount of time that the person has to pay on the fine. Or, the juvenile court judges will give them a little more time to do their community service or they’re inclined to give community service instead of detention. In the juvenile court, it’s more about rehabilitation, “Let’s get the counseling as much as we can and try and nip this in the bud.”

This is so these minors don’t get caught up in the adult system where it’s really going to hurt them and their future and is going stay on their records. When you’re a young individual just starting your life, you’re looking for jobs, you’re going to school. Having those DUI convictions or marijuana convictions does not help you when you’re trying to start out on your life.

The juvenile court is a little more forgiving with trying to help the younger people work through those issues.

How Public Will a Minor’s DUI Case Be?

Interviewer: How public is their case going to be?

Matthew Nebeker: Most of the jails in this jurisdiction have websites and they have inmate rosters on this website, so you can go to the jail’s website right now and get a picture, the booking photo. You can view the charges that someone is in there for on most of the jail’s websites. There are companies that go in everyday and copy those pictures and they post them in a publication that you can buy for a dollar at the gas stations.

It is likely that most everybody will find out the arrest, especially with social media now. People go on to the website, they snap the person’s picture then they post it on Facebook or Twitter. Definitely, most of the time, the public will find out.

Of course, that doesn’t happen with someone who’s in the juvenile system who’s under the age of 18. That’s kind of the way it is here. There is access to information about who’s been charged with what, but then there’s a difference between the arrest and the conviction.

Now, in Utah where they have this database set up called Utah’s Right and anyone who’s convicted of DUI gets put on that website that anyone can access 24 hours a day. It’s hard to keep it quiet sometimes.

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