How Does Your Style Of Handling DUI Cases Help Your Clients?

Being a trial lawyer, a litigator, you have to understand people and you have to communicate well. You have to be aware of not only the legal issues that you are looking at and focusing on, but also these other biases like pack mentality in juries and just mentality of people in general. Could they possibly not follow the law and decide against my client because of some race or the way they are dressed or something like that? So you have to be, in my opinion, good with people, good in trying to read them and trying to get information out of them so you can detect these biases and these prejudices the best way you can before you are turning that power over to them.

So in reality, trial lawyers are different than transactional lawyers. Some lawyers will go to their office and review papers and draft papers all day; they do not have to interact with other people that often. They do not have to work with the prosecutor, the judge and so just the experience, the amount of time on the job, number of jury trials, number of regular trials all adds to a well-qualified attorney who can get the person through the case either with some kind of negotiations or the best opportunity to get an acquittal through a jury trial.

Additional Information Regarding DUI Trials In Utah

I had a lady who was arrested for a DUI and I always talk to them when I first meet them, “Is there anything else you want me to know about yourself or you want me to know about your case?” The lady told me, “Well, there’s no way I was DUI”. I go okay, we will look at the file here and start analyzing things and I go, “Tell me why you don’t think you were DUI”, and she goes, “I didn’t have any alcohol, I didn’t have any drugs, I’ve just taken my medication, and I took it as my doctor prescribed”. They were planning on going to trial and they had been to some other attorneys already.

I am like, “Well, here is the prescription that they found in your system. You had the lawful prescriptions but you can still be found guilty if you have prescription medications in your system and they impair your ability to drive”. Then I went into the driving pattern and the performance on the field sobriety tests and they just did not have any idea. They thought if they have alcohol onboard or street drugs, marijuana or methamphetamine, or something like that, that everything was going to be fine. The prosecutor had previously made them a pretty good offer where they would get their license back and they would avoid a large chunk of a fine. So after going through the process with them, they want more time to think about all these different options. No one had ever told them the process that they could be found of a DUI with prescription drugs.

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