Further Consequences Of A DUI Conviction

What Might Be Further Consequences Someone Could Face With A Felony DUI Conviction?

In Utah, to get a felony enhancement, you have to have two prior DUIs or seriously injure someone. A felony DUI can be enhanced because of priors. That’s called a Lifetime Enhancement. You could have a felony DUI from 10 years ago, not have a problem and get another DUI, and that would still be considered a felony. It stays there and follows you for the rest of your life in Utah.

Another thing is a felony DUI cannot be expunged. You can never take that off your record because it is a lifetime enhancement. Even if it was 10 years ago, under the law that doesn’t matter because it is a lifetime enhancement. You could be looking at another felony depending on if the prosecutor sees this or not. That’s a pretty serious felony DUI, where you can go to prison. You can spend 5 years in the Utah state prison which would end your job, your career, and a lot of your family ties.

Some of the other collateral consequences of having the felony is you cannot have firearms or ammunition, you lose your right to vote, you become a restricted person, you can’t even have a knife that’s over 3 inches long. So, there are very serious consequences for a felony DUI.

What Further Consequences Might Someone Face As A Commercial Driver’s License Holder With A DUI Conviction On Their Record?

A lot of the professional drivers are always concerned with protecting their commercial driver’s license. Attorney Matthew Nebeker has helped commercial drivers with even minor traffic infractions like speeding or failure to yield because they want to protect that license, it’s their livelihood. They don’t want to have certain amount of points and get expired.

A DUI conviction on a first offense case will suspend their commercial driver’s license for 1 year, which means no commercial license. Then if they have a second or a subsequent DUI conviction, it’s a lifetime suspension. As far as the state of Utah goes, a second DUI is lifetime suspension of a commercial driver’s license.

Imagine, if you’ve spent your whole life as a commercial driver and now you’re in your late 40s or early 50s and you get two DUIs. Your career is over. If your job requires a commercial driver’s license and you’re convicted of a DUI, you have to retrain and learn to do something else.

If Someone Is Convicted Of A DUI And There Was An Accident Involved That Caused Them Injury, Can Health Insurance Ever Deny Or Limit Coverage?

If you’re injured, you won’t be denied coverage for being in a DUI related accident. However, the insurance company can drop you later on down the line or increase your rate so much that you can’t afford to pay the premiums from that particular company.

There are cases when reapplying for insurance, they can deny the coverage and/or quote the rate so high that it’s unaffordable. That’s also seen with life insurance. If they are convicted of DUI, a lot of times, the life insurance company will deny coverage for DUI convictions because they think they’re just too high of a risk.

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