Does The Ignition Interlock Device Come With A Felony DUI?

One of the penalties and consequences of a felony DUI is that you will have to have an ignition interlock device installed on your vehicle for a minimum of six years. If there was a homicide felony DUI, then it would be ten years that you’d have to have that ignition interlock on your vehicle.

Ignition Interlock Devices are expensive and have to be blown into before your car will start. Sometimes they will lock out and sometimes they will malfunction. To have that in your vehicle for six years would be extremely expensive and difficult.

Along those same lines, in Utah has what called an alcohol restricted driver. What that means is you can’t have any measurable amount of alcohol in your system and be behind the wheel or in actual, physical control of a vehicle. That is any detectable amount so if you go out to dinner and have a glass of wine, you get in your car, get pulled over for speeding they can make the argument that you are in violation of alcohol restricted section of the code. If you’re convicted of felony DUI, you are alcohol restricted driver for the rest of your life.

Does Utah Have Any Surcharges For Felony DUI Charges?

There are surcharges for felony DUI convictions. The way they break this down is the statute says that there are certain fines that have to be levied by the court on a DUI conviction. On a felony DUI the fine is typically fifteen hundred dollars. The law says there has to be a surcharge of another thirteen hundred and fifty, plus a court cost of forty dollars. It’s just another way of taxation and a court fine. For a felony DUI that gets to be pretty expensive as far as fines and surcharges and court costs, definitely.

Is A Temporary Work License Available To People Charged With Felony DUI?

On a felony or subsequent offense, that’s going to be a minimum of a two year, to three year suspension of the license. There is no temporary provision to get to work or to get to school or anything whatsoever.

Do You Ever Recommend Counseling For Felony DUI Clients?

Once Attorney Matthew Nebeker is hired by a client, he obtains the police report and video from the arrest and starts looking at the. He gets a feel t a feel for which way the case is going to go. In some cases he does recommend that they get going on the assessment, getting into treatment. A lot of times when they’re at the felony level DUI clients do it on their own, just for the better, to have a better life, regardless of the outcome of the court case. It can also help with their case, too. Attorney Nebeker can go to the prosecutor in some cases and say, “He’s taking this very seriously. He’s gotten the treatment.

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