Do People Ever Get Discouraged And Opt For A Hasty Resolution?

When a lot of people are arrested for DUI and the blood draw, they feel guilty and worried, especially if they are taking a prescription medication containing a warning about driving or operating heavy machinery. At that point, they may decide that, given the combination of drugs they’ll find in the blood, they should just plead guilty.

However, if they would just take the time and go to a DUI lawyer, they might feel differently. It might be embarrassing, talking to an attorney and explaining what they have done, but they need to overcome that feeling and call for free consultation.

For one thing, it’s completely confidential; I can’t repeat anything anyone says to me to anyone at all. And what they will find out is that all is not hopeless. They also have to realize that their short-term embarrassment is nothing compared to the impact and the long-term ramifications of a DUI or a drug related DUI on their record.

In Utah, even if you receive probation, it takes 10 years after the probation is over before anyone can apply to expunge it, which means it will take a minimum of 11 or 12 years to return to a clean criminal record. Therefore, taking 30 minutes to meet with an attorney for a free consultation isn’t such a bad deal when you think about it.

A lot of people come to see me on the prescription-type cases and when I meet with them, they’ll say, “Well, I can’t even believe I was arrested. I showed the officer my prescription, I was taking it as my doctor prescribed, but they still arrested me, they still took me to jail and impounded my card.”

They think the case should be automatically dismissed, so I explain to them that it’s good that they have a prescription for those medications and that you’re taking them as your doctor prescribed. However, the issue now is whether or not those medications impair your ability to safely operate a vehicle and to not endanger other people.

When I present it to them that way, the look on their face changes, because they hadn’t thought about it that way. But it’s true. Anyone can take a medication legally, but if the officer suspects that those medications are jeopardizing them or other people on the road, they will arrest them. It’s my job to get them through that, and to make it harder for prosecutors to prosecute those prescription medication cases, especially if there is no accident.

People know that it happens all the time, and it’s important even on those cases to get an attorney from the beginning. Many think they can just walk into both court and the driver’s license hearing with their prescription and the cases will be dismissed, which doesn’t happen. Always contact a DUI attorney, contact me as quick as they can because it’s still treated like a DUI alcohol.

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