Do Many DUI Investigations in Utah Originate from Police Stops Due to a Traffic Infraction?

Interviewer: What do you see is the most common reason people initially get stopped by the police and subsequently, become involved in a DUI investigation?

The Traffic Infractions That Lead to the Police Stop Are Relatively Minor

Attorney Nebeker: The Ogden area is one of our largest cities in the northern part of Utah. It seems that a lot of people, they’ll get stopped because they don’t signal before they cross the crosswalk. Or they don’t stop and signal before they’re leaving the parking lot of the bar or restaurant.

There are Hyde patrols where there are a big group of bars and restaurants located. People will drive their car out to the road and then they will signal and turn, but really, the police get them for not stopping before the sidewalk.

Many Police Stops Also Originate for Equipment Violations

That seems like to be about 50 or 60% in that area. Then the other big reason is some kind of traffic infraction, like not stopping before the white line. The front tires might over the white line.

Another common reason for a stop is equipment violations. They’ll have a burned out license plate light or a non-functioning tail light. Sometimes they’ll stop them for a cracked windshield.

Then there is always the last group of drivers that are weaving in their lane, or they’re going too slow or real fast, and they cause alarm or concern with other drivers on the road and those other drivers call them in and report them.

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