Can a DUI conviction cause me to lose my gun permit?


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Can a DUI conviction cause me to lose my gun permit?

In this video, Attorney Matthew Nebeker, a DUI Defense Lawyer in Salt Lake City, discusses if you will lose your gun permit because of a DUI.

Recently, with all this gun control talk that’s been in the news, the shootings, and things like that, people have asked me if a DUI conviction can prevent them from obtaining a concealed carry permit or if it will have a negative impact on their current permit. We’ve dealt with that quite a bit lately.

The answer to that question is yes, a DUI can prevent you from getting your concealed carry permit. And if you are currently a holder, a DUI conviction can cause that permit to be suspended or revoked. The law is pretty straightforward, it gives the authority to the Bureau of Criminal Identification to revoke, suspend, or deny a concealed carry permit for any offense involving alcohol. That denial or suspension period is usually up to 4 years after the probation period ends. That’s why it’s important to contact a DUI defense attorney to discuss those issues before you go into court.

I have the experience and the training to answer all these questions. So give me a call, I offer a free consultation and I will help you through this process. I’ve been through it myself personally, I know what you’re going through, so we will talk to you soon.

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