Are You Still Taking Criminal Defense And Personal Injury Clients During The COVID-19 Pandemic?

My office is taking new criminal defense and personal injury cases amid the COVID-19 pandemic. In order to protect my staff and clients, as well as remain in compliance with the stay-at-home and social distancing orders, we are offering phone consultations and meetings through various messenger services, including Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp. Important documents can be easily exchanged through these means in order to move cases forward. If a client really wants to meet face-to-face, my office can carry out the necessary procedures in order to make that happen while protecting everyone involved. We understand how important it is to stay on top of cases, and we are doing everything we can to provide each client with the best possible outcome.

Are The Courts In Utah And Las Vegas Processing Criminal Cases And Holding Hearings?

Anyone who is in custody on a criminal charge has the constitutional right to go before a judge within a certain amount of time of their arrest. For these cases, hearings are being held via video conference. Confidentiality is still prioritized during these communications, as we understand how important it is that a client’s personal information remain personal. For clients who are not in custody, the courts are providing the option of holding video conferences, or extending cases until June (or until more information about the COVID-19 pandemic is known).

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