A Personal Recollection of a DUI

Attorney Nebeker: I have a DUI 20 plus years ago; when I was home on leave from the service. I left Utah when I was 19 years old and joined the Army, and I was stationed over in Germany. My unit was sent down to Saudi Arabia and Iraq for the Gulf War.

I hadn’t been home for about a year and half. I came back on leave and was out in the desert riding an ATV around and the park ranger stopped me. I had a few beers and the next thing I know I was taken to the county jail for DUI. I had no idea you could get a DUI on a four-wheel ATV out in the middle of the dessert but it happened.

That had been my first experience with law enforcement and going to jail. I had to call my mother to come and get me out of jail. I had to go home and face my family and explain to them what had happened.

Then, I called my commander in Germany to inform him that I wasn’t going to be back for a while because I received this DUI. I didn’t know who to go to, who to call, and so I made a lot of mistakes.

It ended up hurting me a little bit but I made it through it. I just seemed to have a connection with it. I enjoy practicing DUI defense and this is what I made the focus of my practice.

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